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Alex, Mamma's restaurant

Alex leads Viva la Mamma in his own special way and cultivates an intimate relationship with his team as equals. He seems to have just found the fine line between tough leadership and friendly interaction. Only Mamma knows whether he learned this during his many years in the restaurant business or as a family man.😋

Alex, Mamma's Restaurantleiter

Das Team hinter Viva la Mamma

Mamma's Chef

Chef Balazs is at the forefront of the culinary creations. Passionate and respectful, he sets the tone in the kitchen. He has a feeling for melodious dishes. Creativity lives in him, as a chef and as a musician. Even in his earlier career as the lead singer of a rock band, he inspired people. Today, he succeeds with his individual interpretations of his mother's recipes.

Balasz, Mamma's Küchenchef

And then, of course, there are our 27 other kitchen fairies, whose names and faces may not be as well known, but whose contribution is no less important. Each of them contributes in their own way to ensuring that every dish is prepared with care, passion and the pursuit of perfection. 

The team behind Viva la Mamma

While Mamma excels in a variety of Italian delicacies, her true love lies in the art of dough making. The pasta is made fresh every day at Viva la Mamma and your pizza dough rests for a full 72 hours. This is quality that you can taste.

Mamma likes it best when her guests feel at home with her - sitting together at the same table and enjoying all the dishes together. Because as mom always says: “sharing is caring”. Then eating together becomes an experience.

Balazs - das kreative Kraft der Küche

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