Mamma, I’m sorry for what
I said when I was hungry.

Mamma has traveled extensively and brought the best of her journeys through Italy to Vienna. At Viva la Mamma, she cooks according to her own recipes. What makes it truly special is that Mamma personally knows every producer, as only the finest products make it into Mamma's kitchen and cellar. Everything has to be just right. Pizza is Mamma's greatest passion. The digestible dough rests for 48 hours before being lovingly baked and topped. Mamma loves it when you feel at home, sitting together at a table and trying and enjoying all the dishes. As Mamma always says so beautifully, "sharing is caring." That's when the shared meal becomes an experience. That's true love.

That’s true love.

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Kein Ruhetag

Mamma, gave me life, pizza gave me reason.



Amterl Mödling
Kaiserin Elisabethstraße 11 2340 Mödling +43 2236 208 88  
Amterl Baden
Hauptplatz 2 2500 Baden +43 2252 45 953  
Brauhaus Schwechat
Mautner Markhof Straße 13 2320 Schwechat +43 1 706 86 06