This culinary revelation is a harmonious interplay of Italian delicacy and Austrian tradition. The ingredient list reads like an ode to flavor:

Red Cabbage Cream Sauce: this base of red cabbage, the foundation of any traditional goose dinner, is combined with panna in this pizza creation.

Fior di Latte: This Italian cream cheese adds a creamy texture to the pizza.

Fresh Figs: The addition of fresh figs pays homage to Italian autumn and is responsible for a fruity note.

Smoked Goose: Innovation is key at Viva La Mamma, and smoked goose adds a unique depth of flavor to the pizza.

Gravy & Arugula: To round out the flavor, this pizza features delicious gravy and fresh arugula.

"The goose pizza is a must-try culinary adventure. With this creation we unite Italian sophistication and Austrian tradition in a unique way," says Balazs Szekelyhidi the executive chef of Viva La Mamma. "It is a dish that will delight our guests not only with its taste but also with its uniqueness."